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It is exclusively amazing to convey that Dr. Rudrarup Gupta, Academic Researcher and on the other hand he is the overseas privileged Author of lap Lambert International Publishing House, Germany and Overseas Reviewer of World Academy of science and Technology, USA. He has enriched our Management Research

in this overwhelming global academic standing in a befitting manner.
Dr. Gupta has got the marvellous opportunity to present one of his composed Books entitled “Leaders Primacy Enriches both Educational/Organizational Richness”, (Published By Scholars’ Press, Mauritius, Germany) to  " His Excellency The Governor of West Bengal Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi" in an astounding presence and moral support of our World Taekwondo Legend Respected Master Pradipta Kumar Roy and World Taekwondo Pioneer Respected Master Ruma Roy Chowdhury in Governor House, Kolkata on 27th March 2018. The Book has been appreciated enough by Shri Tripathi along with his very precious blessing in deed.
On the other hand Dr. Gupta is feeling exclusively grateful to his exemplary parents Dr. Rumki(Eminent Scientist of Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata) Gupta for her evident academic guidance and Shri Malay Gupta(Enriched Business Man) for his noteworthy courage respectively.
Dr. Gupta has got an ageless inspiration to contribute more for “Education” in the real comprehensive celerity of his scholarly charm to ensure the wide-eyed national legacy over the coming years.

True Love

My Perception:----The whole world is based on Love and EMOTIONs.It is Emotions that rule the world and everyone in the world is EMOTIONAL.I encourage Love marriages.
The word LOVE can have a variety of meanings in different contexts.

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Research education is having an ageless impression for its most dynamic future and it is exclusively notable for the researchers to find the indelible discovery. 4th International Conference on Advancements in Engineering, Technology and Management has taken place at “The Ten, Eastin Hotel, Makassan, Bangkok, Thailand,

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चुनावी माहौल में उलझते बुनियादी सवाल

2019 के चुनावों की पेशबंदी शुरू हो गयी है। जहां एक तरफ भाजपा भविष्य के खतरे को देखते हुए रूठे साथियों को मनाने में जुटी है, वहीं विपक्षी दल आपसी तालमेल बनाने का प्रयास कर रहे हैं। दोनों ही पक्षों की तरफ से सोशल मीडिया पर मनोवैज्ञानिक युद्ध जारी है। जहां भाजपा का सोशल मीडिया देशवासियों को मुसलमानों का डर दिखाने में जुटा है, वहीं  विपक्षी मीडिया, जो अभी कम आक्रामक

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