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‘Raazi’ a film based on real life incidence. The beautiful part of the film is, it directed by a lady film director Meghna Gulzar. She being a lady film director has given Dus Kahaniya, Just Married and Talvar as hits. They young talented and dynamic director has tied up with Dharma production for Raazi, it is one of the honorable

film production house of Bollywood has achieved a yet another achievement by this film.

The beautiful part of the film ‘Raazi’ is it is starred by a female character which has gone as unsung hero. I admire the acting of Aaliya Bhatt who has proved her metal as acting. The fortunate co-incidence is her real mother is starring in this film. It will be a unique opportunity to observe both of them in one film.

‘Raazi’ film talks about a patriotism. The love, devotion and duty towards motherland motivate the lead character of Aaliya Bhatt and she goes on a mission. It interesting to watch this film as it is based on a true story. The portrayal of undivided India and the current neighboring country expands the horizons of viewers. It is important to watch this film in time of contemporary India. What we read in headlines is unrest, communal hatred, and political campaigns laden with caste and community motifs. India, the world’s biggest and strongest democracy has flaunted this film. As this film truly portray the power of women. This film sends a strong message to the uncouth, rustic, and   male chauvinistic chunck of men, they better be refined than to be discarded.

The fate of this film is a deciding factor in the development of Indian psyche. The recent unfortunate rape and murder incidences are the indicator of Indian social psyche. I personally films like Lajja, Gulab Gang, Hitchki and now Raazi are the need of an hour. I admire Aaliya Bhatt who has earlier proved her acting talent in the films like ‘Udta Punjab, Highway and Badrinath Ki Dulhania.

I consider this film a yet another step towards women dominated films in Bollywood. The subject of the film will inspire many lady film directors, scriptwriters and music directors. The originality and uniqueness of subject proves the gradual progress in Bolywood film making.

I find ‘Raazi’ a better film made in Bollywood spy thrillers. The earlier films like, Sarabjeet was a good attempt but the film was more of a farce. I remember a Bollywood masala film, ‘Hero the say’, lol I rooled and laughed.

Lately Bollywood has given nice spy thrillers like Agent Vinod, Ek Tha Tiger, Tiger Jinda Hai’, Baby, and Kahani.

Shridhar Raghavan a senior director of Bollywood made Agent Vinod beyond anybody’s imagination. Audience saw 5 countries and their political milieu. But the film was fiction. What I liked in this film was the use of dialogue, visual language of director and building of a scene. Some time I got a nostalgic feel of Client Eastwood Dirty Harry. Raghvan is a great director and he gave this fantastic film to Indian audience as a treat. This film maintains the balance between religions, national integrity, profession and work ethics. This film takes you on the edge and entices you for a longer time. 

Ek Tha Tiger was loosely based on a real spy story. Audience was thrilled to see the stunts delivered by body doubled matched with the faces of Salman khan and Katrina. This film brought more technology into making of Cinema.

Tiger Jinda Hai is inspired from a real life story. Indian pressed gushed their ink to report how this is inspired on real life story. How the lament of Syria and the terror is haunting the world. This film also offers a message of unity, secularity, national integrity and humanity.

Baby  and Holiday – Akshay Kumar’s action thrillers have proved to be a spy films but they were not inspired or based on real life incidence. They made the business at box office and that’s it.

Kahani- a very nicely scripted and directed film. This film is based on the real life experience of a writer. She wrote a script and it directed so nicely that audience still remember modern Kolkatta by the name of the film.

Raazi is a film which is based on real life spy and life of a spy. Director reveals the various facets of a spy. It is one of those films which put a milestone in the field of film making.


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