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My guide ex. Supreme Court judge & great Social Reformer Justice P.B. Sawant had said few years back that everywhere Police Raj has arrived. Filing false cases on Social Activists & Journalists, torture in the custody, Firing on people protesting peacefully, custodial deaths etc. are just tip of this iceberg.

Regarding recent arrests related to Elgar Parishad he said that to eliminate current political dispensation all opposition must unite together. Current atrocities are State Sponsored Terrorism. By maligning Prakash Ambedkar's image as Naxlite, Govt. is doing harm to themselves. People's power is proven as Supreme in the world & nobody can defeat it.
Pune's Bhima Koregaon riots of 01-Jan is masterminded by brahminist terrorists & supported by state but still victims sympathizers from Elgar Parishad are targeted by Pune Police on a minor complaint by converting it to FIR (which is totally wrong & High Court should cancel it) Pune Police under IB's pressure had added sections of UAPA into it & then made these illegal arrests of Social Activists & Advocate who were fighting against state & bureaucracry's atrocities. In Aamir Khan's show Satyameva Jayate, a serving IPS officer Abhinav Kumar has said Ruling party uses Police force as Wild dogs against oppositions, activists & journalists. Current arrests are proof of it. IB had done many terrorist activities from behind & so their is urgent need to bring that institution under Parliamentary oversight.
Main reason for targeting Adv Prakash Ambedkar is huge success of Elgar Parishad, increased support to him from Maratha & Dhanagar community. Also long march of thousands of farmers in Mumbai with massive support from all causes unrest in Brahminist bureaucracy & state so they were looking for opportunity which IB got after arrests of several terrorists in Gauri Lankesh murder case including Amol Kale from Pune whose colleague Nihal alias Dada is still absconding. To divert attention from Sanstan on these arrests IB plotted this fake letter & email theory to which brahminist police officials from Bahujan like Jt.CP Ravindra Kadam fall prey to. He should read my mentor ex.IGP SM Mushrif's books - Who Killed Karkare & 26/11 probe - Why judiciary also failed ?
Bhima Koregaon comes in Pune Rural which in turn is under Kolhapur range IG Nangre Patil's jurisdiction but still why he didn't arrested hundreds of rioters who damaged hundreds of vehicles, burnt houses & caused killing of innocent youth Rahul Fatangade ? Why these rioters not made co-accused in this murder ? Why & how large sum of stones stored at terrace of few buildings ? Why viral photo of invitation for Bhide's 01-Jan gathering at Vadhu Budruk by one Rohan Sondkar was not investigated yet ? Why role of Shikrapur PI Galande & DySP Ganesh More not investigated for supporting rioters & why they are not punished ? Why damage recovery not being done from Ekbote & goons who rioted to compensate victims ? Why Police circulated Rahul Fatangade's video now only ? Why not action be taken against these cops under 153(A) ?
In Malegaon blasts case then ATS chief daredevil Hemant Karkare was planning to inquite this Ekbote alongwith 2 historians from Pune before he was murdered. Why Police not taking Press Conference on further investigation of 2 laptops recovered from Colonel Purohit & Dayanand Pande ? Why Malegaon trial not yet started ?
There is strong news that home dept. Officials had asked Special branch to implicate organizers of Elgar Parishad to divert attention from real culprits Bhide & Ekbote & to add fuel to it false letters, emails were created showing threats to Feku & Fadnavis. Times Now channel in another low brandes Prakash Ambedkar as Naxlite for his mention as Comred in that (fake) letter. Creator is so childish that he didn't even know Comred word is used worldwide for fellow colleague or social brothers respectfully. They didn't even know for leftist, any person is not a target but changing the whole system is important as Natiin is runndd by Bureaucracy & not by any person like Feku.
Similar fake intelligence was created by IB officer Rajinder Kumar blaming Isharat & others who were later chargesheeted by CBI for this. Country's top investigative reporter Rana Ayyub's famous book Gujarat Files exposes then ATS Chief's statement saying Ishrat & others were killed in a bunglow & later thrown on the road. If any threat is there for Feku it would be from IB & RSS for political gains & Muslims or Communists will be blamed for it to create riots.
My another guide senior Police officer Suresh Khopade said as BJP is loosing all over country this is just a political stunt for sympathy & nothing else. Why they didn't yet caught killers of Dabholkar & Pansare ? (Rana Ayyub written on these killers in detail 3 years back)
At first state should define what Naxalism is & then apply that definition to their Senior Civil & Police officers to know who are real Naxlites. Former Home Minister RR Patil had said root of Naxlism is at 6th floor of Mantralay, he pointed to same bureaucracy. Abhay Deol also pointed the same in movie - Chakravyuh. If you deny them health, education, shelter, Ambulance, Employment & snatch away their lands, rape their daughters & women, kill them in fake encounters (remember Ramabainagar case when 11 innocent were killed by Manohar Kadam) by branding dalits adivasis as Naxlites & Myslims as Terrorists, what option is left in front of them ? Let their be Judicial Inquiry of all such a fake encounters by honest judges.
If you cannot do development, leave the power for us to show how real development can be done like movie Nayak & make bureaucracy accountable. We don't need rule of Police which is inhuman, atrocious, torturous, killer of innocents but we need rule of law to prevail where Police will be truly peoples Police who will act as per Constitution whoever party is in ruling.
Last but not the least - Our all Social Reforms - Phule Shahu Ambedkar Savitribai Annabhau Birsa & Hamid Dalwai were leftist, socialist & Communists, don't forget it !!


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