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Shocking revelation by CBI yesterday has unearthed cover up by Haryana Police in brutal murder of Pradyumn Thakur on Sep-8 in Delhi's Ryan International (or 3rd class ?) school. Haryana police initially booked poor conductor Ashok Kumar (by usual way of confession by torture)

CBI had booked 16 yr old class 11th student of the Ryan school in this murder now. We all must know why such a innocent 7 yr boy was killed such a brutally by another kid ? This has to be studied in deep by psychological & all other angles & Govt. must take immediate steps why crime is increasing in teenage kids & youngsters.

Does Police force lost the Humanity ?

Even after such a brutal murder of such a small boy, instead of digging the truth, Haryana Police chosen to cover it up, why ?

Though as per CCTV, at 7.55 am, Pradyuman arrives at school - his father Varun drops the boy and his sister off at the school's main gate - the same gate through which Ashok had entered minutes earlier. While Pradyuman's sister heads to her classroom, the boy goes to the washroom. CCTV footage from a camera near the washroom shows both Ashok and Pradyuman entering the bathroom, one after another. The area around the washroom is seen deserted between 7.55  am and 8.05 am, which is when Ashok is seen coming out of the bathroom (Ashok himself helped the boy to rush to hospital) Notably, the CCTV footage does not show a third person entering the bathroom between 7.55 am and 8.05 am. This means accused had preplanned the murder & was inside well before. Seconds after Ashok leaves the washroom, Pradyuman is seen crawling out, holding his neck with his hand.

Only this part & torture is used by Haryana police to arrest conductor & make him scapegoat. Later footage recovered by CBI given more clues towards real accused. Why Haryana police did the cover up ? This should be investigated & guilty cops must be prosecuted & strict action should be taken against them. In Aarushi murder case also we have seen prime accused walk away due to biased investigation. In RTI activist Satish Shetty murder case, we have seen flip-flops by CBI & later arrest of Pune rural cops. In many cases due to biased investigation & favouring of accused, court had freed them.

Across country daily hundreds of such incidents happens where Police didn't show their professional attitude towards law & order & investigation. I work with few senior Police officers on various public issues. Their honest, integrity & professionalism inspires to do more work. But increasing number of such a incidents not only dents image of Police force but also creates fear in the mind of public instead of security. Yesterday only Maharashtra's IG Nangre Patil showing professionalism & humanity arrested five police personnel for custodial torture & murder of a 23 yr boy.

Last week Pune's Sanghvi Police illegally detained a married young couple for doing intercaste marriage & beated the boy. Instead of protecting the couple, cops often indulge in unlawful activities themselves. Extreme brutality, torture & violations of Human Rights by the Police force has been routine affair. Deeply rooted corruption, lobbying among IPS officers, favouring politicians, protecting bureaucracy, DGP's lack of using his power & most important Home Secretary's unaccountability has rotten the entire Police force.

One IG told me that 98% of the complaints coming to Police are of Non Cognizable (NC) nature & Police force is not at all trained to handle them effectively, doing counselling, taking strict stand against wronged parties, protecting people who didn't violated any law, keeping individual beliefs about political & other at home & act professionally like late Hemant Karkare etc. Even for the remaining cognizable cases where cops are bound to register FIR as per Supreme Court orders, we see often complainant gets harassed, sometimes beaten & false cases slapped against them.

But the real issue behind such a crimes is our Education system. It does not create good civilized citizens. Finland, which has world's best education system, does not send kids to school till the age of 7. Later life changing education is given. Our torture starts at age 3 & entire education didn't teach Human Rights, Equality, Brotherhood, Scientific attitude, happiness beyond textbooks, rather make them only "Marxists"

We need to reform entire education system. All schools, colleges should be under Govt. control & KG to PG education should be provided free of cost to all. This is possible, we pay huge taxes but corrupt bureaucracy eats it. Many nations provide free & compulsory education & health services, why not we ? Parents should also learn & teach kids real happiness outside mainstream careers. Not to force them for Merit list. Real merit will shine when child makes the career in his/her areas of interest.

In one episode of Aamir's Satyamev Jayate also one serving IPS told that Govt. uses Police force as brutal hunting dogs against it's opposition in all possible way. But I think until DGP & Home Secretary of each state didn't show willpower to reform the force, Cabinet will not be effective even if they tried to do.

To improvise entire Police force, we need massive operation, willpower from both Cabinet & Senior Bureaucracy, starting first with the implementation of the Supreme Courts 2006 order on Police Reforms. Many new innovative steps need to be taken to improve accountability of force right from changing the syllabus of their training & continuous counseling of the Senior officers.

A committee of retired judges like Justice PB Sawant should be setup immediately by Central Govt. for major reforms in the force & make them accountable to the Public. Sawant sir has said now a days everywhere Police Raj has arrived.

We need Rule of law to be enforced not the rule & unlawful activities of the Police. We need common man to feel protective & confident when they approach police with their complaints. Police should not forgot their salary is paid from the huge taxes we pay. A book can be written on unlawful activities carried out by the police. You name the crime & you will find some police involved in it, be it robbery, extortion, rape, murder, organized crime, helping criminals, weakening the court case, dereliction of duties, favouring corruption, threatening people, misuse of Power etc. etc. So we need immediate steps to be taken for massive reforms & greater accountability in the Police force.


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