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On November  8th 2016  our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas MODI    urf MODIji made a great announcement of “ Chalanbandi “, “ Vimudrikaran “   “ DEMONETISATION  ”.  And from Nov. 9th to Dec 30th he put a BAN on all 500 and 1000 notes.PM Modiji announced on Nov 8th that the high value currency

that made up for 86% of all  currency in circulation could no longer be used in most transactions and would be replaced by new Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes.Modi said that this was necessary to combat corruption,black money and terror funding.But the swap was atrociously planned and executed.Indians had to line up for hours outside the Banks to deposit and withdraw cash reported New York Times.

Indians suffered atrociously planned NOTE BAN.
Many Indians said that they are ready to willingly tolerate some pain in the fight against Corruption.Some newspapers declared that the DEMONETISATION of high value Indian currency has caused chaos and was  “ poorly thought and executed”. 
Views of different personalities
1) Our Previous Prime Minister DR MANMOHAN SINGH----Modiji’s propaganda of national Income going up in the last 2 years has been proven to be hollow.
2) Technologist ---                         VIJAYA SHANBHAG  -----   In our DESH country more than 60% population donot use mobile, Computers and Laptops DONOT USE BANKING SYSTEM and are doing cash transactions hence public is undergoing torture and harassment. Nearly all businesses are cash based transactions.Demonetisation Move is a failure.
3)   Shivsena                           SHRI UDDHAV THACKERAY----  Govt must take the words of earlier PM Dr Singh seriously.
4) Previous CM Rajasthan              MR ASHOK GEHLOT   -----            Modiji should clarify he fought Elections 2014 using black or white money. If he did not use white money then he should adopt 5-point programme suggested by SONIA GANDHI to curb corruption.
5) Bharat Ratna and Nobel Laureate AMARTYA  SEN -------Demonetisation move declares all Indians as possible crooks.
6) BSP   chief                                       MAYAWATI      ------ Demonetisation move has brought nothing but economic emergency , common people are suffering.
All India Trinamool Congress  DEEREK O' BRIAN  ---- Govt has made 24 changes since time of announcement.Demonetisation is an ill-conceived move .It is a big black scandal.
 References : News papers Indian Express,DNA, Hindustan Times

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